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Bruce “Buck” Davidson Jr. has been in the saddle since birth. While Buck may be known as son of Eventing legend Bruce Davidson, Buck is successful in his own right. His many accomplishments on and off of a horse make for an outstanding athlete, horseman, competitor, trainer, coach and clinician.

About Bruce Davidson Sr.

Buck Davidson's father, Bruce O. Davidson was born in Rome, New York on December 31st 1949. He was the third of four children born to his parents Francis and Annette. His father, a businessman, and his mother, a concert pianist turned fulltime housewife, neither had any real experience with or desire to be around horses. As a result, it was not until the family moved to Westport, Massachusetts did Bruce have the opportunity to realize his great passion for horses. Like any boy, Bruce frowned at the idea of moving and leaving all his friends behind. But this void of friendship was quickly filled with his newfound friendship in horses.

A friend of his parents, Bruce found a near surrogate father in Mr. Tuckerman, who showed Bruce the bond he could find with a horse. It was also Mr. Tuckerman who, knowing Bruce’s aptitude to lose things, painted everything, in his own colors of red and yellow, before his first trip to pony club so everyone would know who to return it to.

His parents were hard working and knew the value of money, they didn’t want to just give Bruce a pony, they wanted him to realize the work involved and the responsibility. So each summer Bruce would get a pony for next to nothing at the sales, he would train it and take care of it all summer and then sell it before going back to school in the fall. He would then use that money through out the year and then make sure he saved enough to get a better pony the next spring. He did this for years. It wasn’t until he finally made it to buying Irish Cap that he just couldn’t sell him. He knew that he had something really special. It was Irish Cap that Bruce says taught him everything he knows. And it was Irish Cap that gave Bruce his first World Championship Gold Medal in 1974.

Bruce left Iowa State University in his third year of pre-veterinary medicine to train with the USET, to his parents chagrin. Bruce knew he was never going back.

Bruce has been competing internationally since 1971. He won his first Olympic metal in 1972. He has won two Olympic team Gold medals, 1976 & 1984, and two Olympic team Silver medals, 1972 & 1996. Bruce was the first American to win a World Championship title, 1974, and in those days the winning individuals’ country was awarded the honor of hosting the next World Equestrian Games. So that is why the Kentucky Horse Park was constructed. He then defended his title in Kentucky, 1978, to become the first and only equestrian to ever win back-to-back titles. He was individual Bronze Metal winner at the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990. Bruce was the individual and team Gold Medalist at the 1995 Pam American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the first American to ever win prestigious Bedminton CCI**** in England (1995). Bruce was the highest places rider in the World FEI rankings in 1993 and 1995; and he has been named the USCTA’s leading rider for all the years from 1980 – 1995.

Bruce has trained numerous horses, such as: Irish Cap, Might Tango, Beacon Charm, Dr. Peaches, JJ Babu, Pirate Lion, Regent Lion, Heyday, Eagle Lion, Squelch, Little Tricky, Jam. He has trained them from the beginning up through the international levels.



Buck runs a training and competition facility during the winter in Ocala, FL and the summers in Riegelsville, PA. His students range from young riders and adult amateurs to professionals. He has a unique ability to connect and improve his students and their horses by truly caring about the progress of each individual student and horse. The end results speak for themselves.

Team BDJ includes a great group of people including: Natalia, Woodge & Patrick.

Buck contributes to eventing articles that have been published by The Chronicle of the Horse, USEA and more. Buck is also a board member of FlyPups.

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AubynWhat was once a dream became a reality a year and a half ago after flying across the country for a working interview. When offered the job I returned home to my little town of Sisters, Oregon and began packing. I sold my horses and packed my station wagon and said my goodbyes and headed out on a 3000 mile drive to Ocala, Florida.

After four fast months and great instruction from long time groom Kathleen Murray I was given the opportunity to go to my first four star, Rolex Kentucky! This was a pretty incredible experience because not only was it my first four star but it was the first time I had ever watched this event! Buck competed three horses and among those horses is on of my favorite Park Trader, also known as Kobe.

Here I am a year and a half later and three four stars under my belt, Burghley is my favorite event that was spent with Kobe. I love every adventure with Kobe and every horse in the barn.



KatyOriginally from the Sacramento Valley in California, I grew up riding a 9h Shetland pony with the help of my parents, who are both professional horsemen. I did my first event at age 4 after begging my mom to let me go with her, and from that point forward I was hooked. I spent years studying other disciplines as well, but Eventing has always been my first love. After growing up under my mother's tutelage, I moved to southern California to attend UCLA and during that time (as well as after) worked for a few different professionals. In October 2013 I moved to train with Buck and it's been a life changing experience.

Although I love working with all the horses at BDJ because they all have something unique to teach us, I have a large place in my heart for Tiger Lion. He can be a toughy sometimes but under that bad boy exterior is a total puppy dog. He is also particularly nice to look at and exceptionally talented.

Fun fact: Cows are actually my favorite animal!



I was born into a horse enthusiast home in Franklin, VA. I started riding at about 10 years old and even then, it was on and off. When I was 15 years old I found eventing through pony club. I have had 2 event horses in my life the first horse’s name was Mickey. Mickey took me from barely riding to the novice level. My 2nd and current event horse, Pepperbox, has taken me from novice level all the way to CIC**.

I met Buck Davidson through a clinic at Plain Dealing Farm in VA. I had never taken a clinic before like this and I didn't even know whom Buck Davidson was. After the clinic I had to decide whether or not to continue my career in horses. It was a long shot but I figured if I was going to stick with this, I needed to work for the very best.

So I emailed Buck saying I wanted a job and attached my resume. He emailed me back the next day with a reply that stated “I have one spot available call me Monday”. I called him and we set up for me to do an interview at the Fair Hill International CCI***. I had never done anything of this caliber before and I loved it. I moved down to Florida 2 months later and been working here since.

My favorite horse of Buck's that is around the farm is Copper Beach. I like the way he looks at you, he has a very good heart and he shows it well. When he wants attention he will stick his tongue out at you until you come over and give him a pet. The first show I went to he was just beginning his career at intermediate and now most recently he won the CCI *** at the Jersey Fresh. It’s been a real pleasure and honor to have been a part of taken care of him and witnessing his great success. GO SEAN!



NataliaMy name is Natalia Neneman, and I am originally from Park City, Utah. I met Buck 6 years ago during a clinic in California where I was working for Hawley Bennett. I accompanied Hawley to many of the world biggest events including the 2012 Olympics. To prep for the games we made the trek out East in March of 2012 with seven horses, including two of my own.

We stayed and trained with Buck at his place and I haven't left since! He gave me the opportunity to join the BDJ team in August of 2012 and it has been an incredible experience. I have the opportunity to work with incredible people and incredible horses every day. Every day at BDJ brings with it new adventures, experiences and opportunities, and I am honored to be part of such a great team!!



Woodge I grew up riding on my family's farm in Finksburg, MD., and after taking clinics with Buck since the age of 9, I was lucky enough to start working for him when I was 17. I've been with him a little over a year and a half now and can't believe how far I've come. My co-workers have become like my family and his horses like my own.

I'm particularly fond of Be Mine, a chubby little bay who is new to the Eventing world. He's so cute and talented- I'm excited to be able to witness his rise to the top.

  • Career Highlights

  • 2015 Winner Jersey Fresh CCI*** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2014 #5 Ranked Rider in the World
  • 2014 Ballynoe Castle RM earns USEA highest scoring horse of all time
  • 2014 Winner Bromont CCI* with Be Mine
  • 2014 Winner Jersey Fresh CCI*** with Copper Beach
  • 2014 3rd Rolex with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2013 Winner Gallaway with Petite Flower
  • 2013 Pinnacle Trophy for Highest Placed US Rider at Rolex KY CCI**** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • 2012 Alternate for 2012 US Olympic Team
  • 2011 #1 Ranked Rider in the US
  • 2011 Pan American Team Member - Absolute Liberty
  • 2010 World Equestrian Games Team Member with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • #2 Ranked Rider in the United States in 2010
  • #2 Ranked Rider in the United States in 2009
  • 2009 Pinnacle Trophy for Highest Placed US Rider at Rolex KY CCI**** with My Boy Bobby
  • 2009 Winner The Fork CIC*** Adequan Gold Cup with My Boy Bobby
  • 2008 Express Eventing Competitor with My Boy Bobby
  • 2008 Hong Kong Olympic Alternate with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • #4 Ranked Rider in the United States in 2008
  • #6 Ranked Rider in the World in 2006
  • #3 Ranked Rider in the United States in 2006
  • 2007 Winner Red Hills CIC** and 2nd Jersey Fresh CCI** with Ballynoe Castle RM
  • Short Listed 2004 World Equestrian Games with Class Touch
  • Short Listed 2000 Sydney Olympics with Special Attention
  • 2006 Winner Bromont CCI** with Private Heart
  • 2005 Winner Jersey Fresh CCI*** with Hyperlite
  • 2004 Pinnacle Trophy for the Highest Placed US Rider at Rolex KY CCI**** with Mystic Mike
  • Hermes Award for Best Young Rider of all USET Disciplines
  • Only Two-Time Young Rider of the Year
  • 1999 Pan-American Team Member with Pajama Game
  • Only Two-Time Young Rider of the Year

Ranked #5 Rider in the World

~ in 2014

2013 Highest Placed Rider at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

~ with Ballynoe Castle RM

Alternate for US Olympic Team

~ in 2012



  • *Calendar is tentative
  • April 23-26
  • Rolex
  • May 8-10
  • Jersey Fresh
  • May 14-17
  • Chatt Hills

2010 World Equestrian Games Team Member

~ with Ballynoe Castle RM


#1 Ranked Rider in the US

~ 2011
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